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profile_noemiIf you want a financially-secured future, knowledge, persistence and motivation, are the keys to achieve it. We, Filipino expats, are already lucky to be given the opportunity to earn a higher salary. Budding our money wisely will make us financially stable and independent.

Saving your money in the bank is only one of the ways to prepare for a brighter future. But investing can help more to grow your hard-earned money and will give you more in return. In order to achieve this, you should have a dependable financial coach to guide your way towards financial freedom.

“I believe it is my duty to encourage our kababayans abroad to invest in a profitable businesses to help them get out of the vicious cycle of leaving your family behind for a better life.”

I am Noemi Tan-Abanilla, an expat of four years and currently living in Belgium. I am a certified accountant and holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. I can be your financial coach. What I do is educate Filipino expats about financial literacy and help them set and realize their goals in achieving a happy and wealthy life.

My experience in Finance, Corporate Investments and Strategic Business Execution spans more than two decades. I own and run Minex Foods, a manufacturing and distribution company in the Philippines.

I offer free financial literacy seminars in person and through webinars, where I help you assess your current financial situation, set up steps and goals to improve it and provide you with different investment options where you can grow your money. When you are financially educated, you can take hold of your life and secure a brighter future for you and your family.

I can help you transform “Dreaming to Doing”

I am a part of a group of Marketing professionals at International Marketing Group, who are dedicated to serving the financial needs of individuals and families from all walks of life. We help you in making critical financial decisions that are essential in sustaining and improving your status in life.

IMG recognizes the need for widespread financial education, particularly among middle income individuals and families who could readily benefit from exposure to the available and accessible financial concepts.

Learn more about your future. Contact us.

Noemi Tan-Abanilla
Skype: minex.wealthacademy
Total Financial Solution
Mobile: (32) 483 709 648
Viber: (61) 432 391 173

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