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  1. Rica Santos Unico
    Rica Santos Unico April 20, 2015 at 10:28 pm |

    This is a very interesting and inspiring article. Thank you very much for sharing your profound thoughts and your marvellous experiences while you were studying in UK. I am also a postgraduate student like you, but studying in University Utrecht in the Netherlands trying and struggling to complete my two-year Research Master’s Programme in Gender and Ethnicity. My field is of course entirely different with your own chosen discipline, but like you, my education here in The Netherlands has opened my eyes and made me very conscious of the society we live in both here in The Netherlands and in The Philippines; locally and globally; internationally and transnationally. Paradoxically, the more we rationalize, the more things get complicated.

    I live more than a decade now in The Netherlands. The last time I was in The Philippines was year 2008. Aside from my friends and of course Facebook, the only thing that connects me to my roots is The Filipino Expat Magazine. This morning, while reading your article, I get nostalgic about my life when I was still young, idealistic, and living in the Philippines. All of a sudden, I can smell the Ilog Pasig again, feel the heat, hear the noise, etc. In a very strange way, I started to realize that I actually miss all the things that I usually complained about when I was in The Philippines. In a very gradual manner, homesickness transformed into nostalgia. Your article today triggered that nostalgia.

    Indeed, The Philippine society is facing so many challenges and things seem to be getting worse every day. The expats here in The Netherlands are aware of these challenges and battles that our kababayans are facing on a daily basis. You have your journalism and writing skills are magnificent and effective tools to catalyse improvement on our poverty stricken society. It makes me wonder, what do I have at my disposal that I could use to build the ideal structure of our society? Even though I am a naturalized Dutch citizen, I am not exempted from my duty to help build our society. After all, due to globalization and mulitculturalisation, The Philippines is also here in The Netherlands. No matter where we are, as long as we are together, we are constructing our own version of Philippines far away from its geographical location.

    The more I try to be Dutch, the more Filipino I become.

  2. Adiya Atuluku
    Adiya Atuluku April 22, 2015 at 4:28 pm |

    Love this article. It makes total sense. I know I will feel just as disheartened when I return cause nothing would have changed back home. Kind of depressing.


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