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  1. Ian
    Ian December 17, 2015 at 3:56 am |

    Dear attorney Chona.
    My girlfriend and myself were working in PNG. We started dating in September 2014. Everything was all great between us until unfortunately she was laid of about June 2015. Her employer left her visa open so she could come back after 2 weeks with real family to find work. She came back for a month and was basically living with me and I was supporting her.
    Then she made up some story that she some issues with here period, emetriosis or something and she felt safer having operation in the Philippines with her family. I paid for here return flight, here operation and medication and other things adding up to around 250,000 pesos.
    We kept in contact but not very good here side. She told me after the op. She needed 2 weeks to rest and check up, then it was another 2 weeks.
    Well to cut the story short, apparently she has a husband. I knew about here child as we went on holiday together.
    I’ve asked for medical records etc but she just ignores me and changed number.
    Can you tell me where I stand on this issue.

    1. Genev
      Genev August 8, 2016 at 5:42 pm |

      Dear Atty Chona,

      Good day!
      I would like to seek advice from you with regards to my problem with business partner. Im working as an OFW for 9yrs here in Abu dhabi UAE and im only having very small salary so what happen my classmate send me a message somewhere in September 2015 mentioning a rice business to me as she knows that i have a rice business in the philippines now she inform me that she want to handle also so i can expand my business since iam very eager to have or to expand my business and since i trust her and i want to help her also so i allowed her to handle my business so i give her the 100thousand pesos after 2months she deposited my interest and im so happy then suddenly she offered me again another business what she already is the cake shop so she told that since im working her in abroad she want me to invest my money to open a new cake shop so once if i decided to foregood or anytime my employer will cancel me so i will not be afraid going home beacuse i have my busines so already have the business there so after sending her the money total amount of 250thousand pesos for the capital she totally changed she not even replying my msg everytime i ask her what is the update to the my i send her and what are the update of the rice business and she also stop sending me my interest now what happen she is giving too much alibays and now she only just seeing my msg in the facebook the total amount she took it from me is 350k thousand pesos and i have all our conversation and bank reciept. What is the first thing i will do once i came back to philippines i want to file a case for her or i need my money back pls help me im very stressed she is not thinking that im working here in abroad for the sake of my family to support my family.
      Im hoping you will help me in my problem and advice.

      thank you and more power

      Gen OFW

  2. Lorna Cruz
    Lorna Cruz July 5, 2016 at 7:21 am |

    my pamangkin is working as OFW in Dubai, he loaned 250K last march 16, 2014 for the payment of his overdue credit card. I had the receipt of BDO transfer of cash to his name, and the cell phone communication that he received the amount in full. we have an arrangement that he will pay me the amount in partial every month. but up to this time
    I only received 40K . He never pay me regularly making so many alibi. Shall I sue him in court for criminal case? so i can recover my money and claim for moral damages? please i need your help.

  3. Angel
    Angel August 30, 2016 at 7:51 pm |

    Dear Atty. Chona,

    I have the same case as Kristina. I believe it was February of 2015 my ex-bf convinced me that we buy a car. At first I was reluctant because I am in abroad and theres no point for me as I wont be able to use it. He said that it for our (future investment eventhough my name does not show as partowner) and if ever my family needs it he will lend it to them. I agreed So I sent the money for downpayment and I also sent money for the monthly installment. Roughly about 120,000php in total. My ex bf has really a bad temper he sends me nasty text messages if I fail to send him the money. Out of love I give in to his requests. I got fed up of his bad attitude towards me and we broke up. I asked him if he can pay me at least the money that I gabe him for the downpayment as my brother at that time was in the hospital and I need financial assistance. I never heard from him since then. In March 2016 he came her to Dubai to look for a job and I got to communicate with him. Again, out of love I forgave him and I tried my best for our relationship to work out. However, he does not respect me and he sends nasty text messages and he makes me feel that Im a waste. He does not appreciate all the things that I have done for him. So I again asked him to pay me. He accused me of “sinasamba ang pera” or “mukhang pera”. He said that he does not owe me anything as I gave him the money to help him buy the car. Because of his bad attitude towards me I want to file a case agaisnt him to get mu money back. I only have transfer receipts and our text messages as proof. There was a time that I begged not to send money for the monthly installments as I am short of cash. And everytime I tell him I will not send he gets mad and shout at me or curse me through txt messages. I loved him but I have learned and this is all “katangahan”.
    Can I file a case agaisnt him? We are both abroad now and the last news I heard about the car was they’re planning to register it for Uber. What are my chances? I want to get him a No departure order as I know he has plans of having a vacation next year. Please enlighten me. Thanks

  4. Mat
    Mat September 8, 2016 at 8:59 am |

    Dear Attorney,

    I’m Mat, a Filipino Citizen. One time, I did able to befriend an American citizen through Google Hang out. Due to immediate and super financial problem I am dealing with, I asked help from him. He said he is a sailor so he communicated with his bank to transfer the money to me. So the bank said that since he is away to sign any documents, they will put the amount in a VISA Card and to be sent to me. So to make the story short, he asked for my credentials to prove my identity and so I gave it. Days after, he chatted me again and said that I needed to send 470USD to pay for delivery of the card with insurance through DSL which is very impossible for me because it is almost 22,000 in our currency. Then, I told him the truth that I can’t really raise the money. So with it, I thanked him for all the help and apologize for all the inconvenience and I literally said No with it because I can’t really have that money.

    A week after he chatted me again to really send the money because the bank gave him an ultimatum because the money in the card will not be wired back to his account and said that the US government will confiscate the amount. Then, he threaten me that he will file a case against me if I will not do so that he has all my credentials enough to sue me. So my questions are the following:

    1. Will the US Government will confiscate the amount that is left unclaimed in that card?
    2. Can he really sue me for what had happened which in the first place, I never deceived him? Thank God, I didn’t delete a thing in our chat conversation. If yes, what will be the case then?
    3. Can I use the chat conversations we had to prove my innocence if he will sue me with any case?

    Thank you very much.

  5. Edward
    Edward November 25, 2016 at 6:02 am |

    Hi Atty Chona,

    I have a friend in Switzerland and he is not a filipino citizen, he invested money to a friend of mine here in the philippines , he said that he invested 360,000 pesos and he said that my friend will invest this as a loan shark here in the philippines. Can this foreign friend of mine can still file a case against my friend who is a filipino citizen.?

    Thanks for the reply.

  6. rizza
    rizza January 2, 2017 at 12:47 pm |

    Dear Atty.,

    gusto ko lang po mag seek ng advice, patungkol sa kababayan natin dito sa UAE, may ilan kasi na nkahiram sa akin ng pera at mag pa sa hanggang ngayon hindi pa nila naibabalik ang pera sakin..yung isa nating kababayan may pinirmahan sya sa aking sulat na patunay na kumuha sya sa akin ng pera subalit yung isang pilipina wala syang pinirmahan maliban sa palitan namin message sa facebook at isa pa nga ang pagbabanta nya sa akin kapag ako ay nag uumpisang maninggil.

    ano po ba ang pwede kung gawin para mabawi ko ang pera.



    IDILIE February 18, 2017 at 5:51 am |

    Honorable Atty.Chona,

    Good day! I am already bothered of my situation now. We are neighbors here in Cebu City,since that I always work in abroad so I don’t really know about her life and behavior here in our neighborhood. Last November 2015 we met each other and shared about each other problems. One time she offered me to invest a money bec.her co-workers in ESL school want to borrow money and paid with a 10% for emergency loan. She is an English Teacher,and she’s very nice to talk to,I found her very nice person so,I trusted her. I pawned my property title so that I can gave her capital for the said business. She said to me that I will ran the business and your my financer. At first it was doing good I got the capital and with the 10%. All in all I invested her P91,400 last Jan.2016,because I trusted her so I also gave her P.O cards and it was my friend’s business. So,she’s good at first payment later on I noticed that every time she will pay for my money business and P.O cards business she will right away get the money again. Meaning,she will renew of what she paid on me. Until such time she lost her job,I went to her previous company and gathered information what’s really the truth why she force resigned to the management there I found out the truth and everything. She didn’t invest my money and in fact her co-teachers also invested money here in our neighborhood. I said its all lies. I tried to confronted her I arrived in my house and she cried loud and said I borrowed all the P91,400 and also P357,575 for the P.O cards or P.O cash. Now,she keep on promising me to pay but even a penny she never pay my friend. Mine she only pay P10k but that money is for my property title that I pawned. I really want her to put in jail because she said she will trick again people in order to pay me. What will I do?

  8. onardoc nihlabacam
    onardoc nihlabacam August 5, 2017 at 7:20 pm |

    dear atty chona,

    I am Bianca Danelle C Tabiliran 27 years of age my live in partner was chuck macabalhin was being promise by his brother to go abroad and have some work in singapore and told him by his brother he will be the one who handle and conqueror the living expenses but suddenly instead of his the one to pay expenses. his brother did not kept his promise instead chuck pays his own expenses and unfortunately he doesn’t have a work as what his brother promise. so the point is we have a debit in my grand ma in about P60,000 Pesos and we need to pay that amount together with the interest because of this I blame his brother for all the damage he gave to us, not for his flowery word we cannot end up to this point that we have to pay all the debit plus no work at all in abroad.

    we need your advice….ms atty. chona


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