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  1. joseph damoni
    joseph damoni June 25, 2013 at 2:00 pm |

    Just because a person or a citizen comes from an affluent nation or from a developed country does not follow he or she is also the same….a cream of the crop of some sort.

    It does not follow.
    One’s country and way of life may be ‘advanced’ but that does not mean the persons who bad-mouthed you are.
    As the saying goes “do not rest on other people’s laurels”.. Rather make your own, also.
    They are a contradiction of the country and culture they thought they were representing.

    Our expatriates may be from a third world country…but they are the cream of the crop.

    So it is the cream of the crop versus a loser in her or their country of origin.
    for all we know.
    they are a reflection of what they spoke.
    And cultured, intelligent, educated individuals do not behave and act that way.
    What you encountered are problem-laden, bitter persons who had no one to vent their frustrations on.

    It is nice of you to have handled them gently.

  2. Ana Angelica Abaya van doorn
    Ana Angelica Abaya van doorn July 6, 2013 at 1:58 pm |

    Thank you Joseph Damoni for sharing your honest thoughts about this.
    It’s true and I agree with you, “they are a reflection of what they spoke.”

    My Dutch husband often say, “it shows more of the other person’s attitude and perceptions in life.”

    It was also the surmounting other experiences that made me handle them gently although on some first year encounters with judgmental persons, deep inside I was raging with anger but I often thought, on what good will it be if I match their tactless, disrespectful tones?

    Through the years we also develop thicker wall against similar irritating incidents and with patience we become more resilient.

    Best regards,

  3. Roly Manansala
    Roly Manansala October 2, 2013 at 11:46 am |

    I am amazed by how well your daughter was able to handle the situation. I hope she is not experiencing this anymore. Discrimination is the dark side of migration, and there will always be shades of it even though countries may have anti-bullying or measures that prevent discrimination. We cannot change the opinion of others whose minds are closed. But we certainly can shrug off, move on and just do our best in our career and life.

  4. Ana Angelica Abaya van doorn
    Ana Angelica Abaya van doorn October 3, 2013 at 9:59 pm |

    Thank you Roly for your concerns.
    No, my daughter does not experience this anymore because we are living now in The Netherlands, the Dutch mentality is more open minded when it comes to giving chances and opportunities to migrants. In four years that I live here in The Netherlands, I and my daughters never experienced any form of discrimination compared to when I just arrived in Lugano, Switzerland in 1995 where I felt different forms of discriminations “every” year long even after a decade I lived there. Yes, I have learned to shrug it off and at times reply diplomatically expressed to the Italian or Swiss-Italian individual offender that any form of racism is unacceptable.


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