5 Reasons why you need a co-working space


Co-working space is the future of business operations. Since more and more business transactions could be done in the comforts of your own couch, the hassles of renting an office is becoming a thing of the past.

Following the concept of sharing economy (the business model behind Air BnB and Uber, to name a few), co-working is simply sharing an entire office space with fellow entrepreneurs. It is an ideal setting for freelancers, start-ups, students and especially for small and medium entrepreneurs.

Here are five reasons why you should use a co-working (also called flex-working) space if you are an independent professional.

1. Having a real office without the stress

Most co-working space can be rented short term. So whether you need a place for your three-hour presentation or a remote office for the whole month, you can easily book this via a co-working space. You enjoy the advantages of working in a real office without actually maintaining one for a long period of time.

If you are a financial adviser based in Belgium who is meeting a client in Amsterdam or a real estate marketing manager from the Philippines promoting your properties to a group of Filipinos in the Netherlands, you can have a physical office ready at your disposal.

2. Less cost, more network

Most co-working spaces charge by the hour and become more affordable the longer you are renting the space. So it is not only cheaper, it’s also good for promoting your business.

Sharing a flex work space with other entrepreneurs helps you expand your network and allows you to meet people you can collaborate with or even become your clients.

Flex working space like Generation Zen in the Netherlands even offers clients free membership in its business community Philentrophy, where they can avail free trainings in marketing , B2B interactions, taxation, etc.

GenZen23. Freebies

Free coffee? Check. Free wifi? Check. Free product display? Check. Free advertisement on social networks and website? Check.

The nice thing about the growing demand for co-working spaces is the increasing freebies that each one offers. If you gulp down 10 cups of coffee a day, you don’t need to factor in the cost of coffee beans and the coffee machine in your budget, or your Internet subscription. These are usually included in the price that you pay for using the workplace.

You can also advertise your services for free through their in-house promotions particularly in their websites and social media network or through the events that they organise.

4. Centrally-located

Because co-working spaces cater to a diverse number of business owners, particularly independent service providers, these offices are located in areas that are easily accessible. Business owners and their clients can conveniently meet in areas that can be reached by public transport and easily by car.

5. Privacy for your home address

How many freelancers must put their home addresses on the Internet because clients prefer that service providers have physical addresses? And how many of us feel unsafe having our addresses published online?

With a co-working space, you can direct your mails and packages to one address without having to expose your personal address. Not only it is better for your privacy, it is also more convenient.

“We understand the dynamics of operating a business in the 21st century especially for professionals who can conveniently work from home are anywhere else. But a good businessman needs to meet his clients once in a while because nothing beats a face to face interaction.

We set up Generation Zen for businesses that need short-term office space. Our services are designed to provide them with a proper office setting or venues for events without the stress and hassles of actually having one,” says director Erik van Gelderen, who together with his partner Bernadette Basa, owns and operate Generation Zen.

Generation Zen is a co-working space and meeting point located inside Uilenstede Campus in Amstelveen, home to almost 3,500 students and a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam. The location is 22 minutes away by tram or 10 minutes by car from Amsterdam Central station.

The venue is suitable for small workshops or trainings and spacious enough for daily business activities or study groups. Generation Zen can also assist SMEs in taxation, payroll, bookkeeping and other administrative requirements through its sister company Zen Administratiekantoor. It is a total solution for start-ups and remote businesses, connecting every client to a network of potential market and fellow entrepreneurs.

For inquiries or updates about free workshops and trainings, email info@generationzen.nl or call +31 648772487 or visit www.generationzen.nl.

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